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I go by Galaxas online, and I'm a learning digital artist that just got into the craft in 2017.
I have been drawing with good ol' pencil and paper since I was about 9 years old till now, almost 30. I switched to digital art this year after getting a very nice tablet for Christmas from my husband, and I love it! I plan on practicing for a while, and then I will start making art my career.

Avatar: Just a placeholder until I draw a better one

Deviant ID: Galaxas is the name I gave to my World of Warcraft character several years ago, a night elf druid, and I liked it so much I've been using it for everything ever since. I really love space, and it also reminds me of Sailor Moon, my favorite anime.

About my art: I draw mostly fantasy.


Sailor Galaxas
I was itching to draw Sailor Moon stuff, so I drew my Sailor OC Galaxas.
Line art in Krita, colored in Manga Studio 5.

Needless description: This is like...the original Galaxas. Where the name Galaxas came from roughly 17ish years ago when I made her. 
Her design has come a long way:
Her name was Sailor Galaxy back then, but eventually I just stuck an 'as' at the end instead.

She has a really cheesy backstory and everything. xD

Edit: I totally forgot to mention that this is my version of this…
It was always one of my favorite SM drawings and I always wanted to do my own version, but I've never been 'skilled' enough until now. I could never figure out how to get the pose right. I still spinned it a bit to fit my own style, but I think I did great. Shy 
Just some sketchies for practice.
Left to right: Hotaru (whose name I really wanna change but still can't decide on haha)
Janna (League of Legends)
OC I've been working on who is currently nameless
Lulu and Ribombee
This was so much fun to do that I ended up doing the entire thing in one day.
I'm so proud of this. happy cry XD  Experimented and learned a lot.
Part 1 of 10 of my PokeChamps series! Next up, Janna + ??? Hurrhurr Hue c: Usagi Tsukino shakes head 
Did the lineart in krita and the rest in MS.

Also...backgrounds...#37 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50  #imsorry

Lulu belongs to Riot Games, Ribombee belongs to Nintendo
Hello all,

I just switched from Krita to Manga Studio, and was wondering if I can transfer lineart from krita to MS and still have the layer be there. Sorry if this is a simple question, I'm very new to digital art.

I love MS but I really like the way kritas pen tool works better than MS's, so I'd like to continue doing line art in krita and then coloring it in MS. But, if I can only save as a PNG and lose the layer then I'll just try getting used to MS's pens. :)
:icontanadia: tagged me again <3

1) whats your name?

2) nice name! how old are you?

27 :(

3) you don't sound so old! whats your favorite color(s)?

Blue and pretty much any variation of blue

4) cute! i like them too! Favorite OC?

5) i like them too! what games do you play?
WoW, League, Hearthstone, Sims 3, Smite

6) nice, i like to play that too! do you use other social medias?
I use most of them but my favorite is Tumblr. Sadly I screwed my tumblr up recently and haven't felt like fixing it so I'm not linking it right this second


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